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The big attraction could be serving as a small commercial center and having access to surrounding small communities like Portland, Eugene and Salem. The senior consultant for Leland Consulting Group Tualatin, who carried out the market analysis, was tasked with recommending options for the property and leading the process to determine whether the Southwest Portland area was strong while the national hotel market was weak. Based on these recommendations, the Development Commission chose a hotel in the House of Commons because it offers high tax value, 24-hour activities and supports local businesses through guest expenditure.

Working with the Department of Economic Development, the commission then decided to focus on the possibility that the site could be sold to multiple developers rather than tying the fate of the entire site to one developer, Young said. Instead of converting it into a family home, a hotel or a mixed-use property, it will play a proactive role and not hand the property over to the highest bidder. Because they realized that a good design can take time to sell completely, and it can take some time to sell.

Leland Consulting Group was brought on board and developed in June 1992, and was hired as an advertising and PR firm to inform the public and provide information to prospective developers. The city has also streamlined the public approval process so that developers who complied with design plans and guidelines could purchase the land more time- and cost-effectively. Hoping that a developer would come up with a blueprint that was as good as the city and its residents could hope for, the Development Commission decided to make the site and all its possibilities available to the public.

In addition to the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee, a citizens "group called Tualatin Futures has played a major role in developing TUALATIN Commons. This allowed it to take on an economically, ecologically and socially successful form.

The city is experiencing rapid economic and industrial development, and there are growing market opportunities in almost all sectors. The market was poor in 1991 and 1992, but has been on the rise since 1993 and the city's economic growth has been accelerating in recent years.

Perhaps the biggest and real success factor is that Tualatin now has a city centre, which creates a sense of pride in the community. The city is also home to one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in Oregon, with a diverse mix of ethnic, religious and ethnic groups. The TUALATIN City Council is supported by an advisory group composed of representatives of the local economy and local government. A seven-member city council consists of the mayor, two city commissioners and three councilors, as well as three city employees.

The art project is divided into a series of small works of art, including a monument to the historic Tualatin and a small square designed by an artist. Landscaping and lighting includes artists - designed vaulted lids, artistically designed flower pots, artist-designed small squares and artist-designed quotes.

Perhaps most interesting is the owner - occupied development, which consists of the first floor at street level, with two levels of living space set above it. If built, it would likely house a restaurant, retail space, office space and a small office building. Among the most important works of art are a monument to the historic Tualatto and small art places, as well as a large square square square for small art.

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More About Tualatin