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Here in Oregon, in the Tualatin Valley, a new Portland hotel fits the bill for longer - longer, longer - stays, or even longer. The newest hotel in the TUALATIN Valley is located just a few blocks from the famous Helvetia Tavern and within sight of many of the city's most popular restaurants and bars. The hotel is also close to some of Portland's top attractions - popular attractions such as the Oregon Museum of Natural History and Portland Zoo are close to other retail restaurants, more than a half-hour drive from downtown Portland and a short walk from Portland International Airport.

With 152 rooms, the Hampton Inn offers many amenities, including a restaurant with bar, fitness centre, outdoor pool and spa - including a spa. Other facilities at the Cedartree Hotel include an indoor pool, outdoor shower, hot tub and gym, as well as a private pool. With 24-hour access to all Portland's top restaurants and bars, it also features a restaurant, bar and lounge serving a variety of specialties and drinks.

The Staybridge Suites Hillsboro South, which is expected to open in December 2020, has 125 suites, including a kitchen, living room and spacious bedrooms. Located just blocks from the Portland Brewing Company and Oregon State University campus, the hotel is in the heart of Portland and offers a variety of amenities including an indoor pool, outdoor pool and spa, as well as a fitness center, fitness center and lounge. Extended - Rooms and suites at Cedartree Hotel have a fully equipped kitchen and access to a private pool.

For stays of 1-7 nights, fresh towels and linen are available for $5 per night, and soap and toilet paper are refilled as needed. Empty the garbage, replace soiled towels, empty the garbage and fill up soaps, toilets and paper if necessary, make your bed with existing bed linen, change your bed linen and towels, refill and replace soiled towels. Staybridge Suites Hillsboro South, $1.7 per night for 1,000 square feet, with private pool, fitness center and lounge.

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A new book, "Leading with Gratitude," will be published on March 3, 2020, and it is about changing that with powerful stories and simple gestures of gratitude. You can still have high expectations of people and still be grateful for everything you do, "he says.

We are located near a major airport in Medford, Oregon, and we are close to Rogue Valley International and Medfords Airport, including Oregon State University Medical Center and the University of Oregon Medical School, as well as Portland International Airport.

Conveniently located off Highway 26, the hotel is close to shopping, outdoor activities and much more. It is close to Oregon State University Medical Center and the University of Oregon Medical School, as well as Portland International Airport. Conveniently located in the heart of Medford, Oregon, just a few miles from Rogue Valley International and Medford Airport, this hotel is closer to all of this.

Opening in January 2021, Home2Suites Hillsboro is a 153-suite hotel with more than 1,000 square feet of retail space, a full-service restaurant and more. This new high-quality property will offer guests an exquisite Japanese-style hotel experience, featuring 117 rooms and elegant, stylish rooms, including a private pool, spa, fitness center, swimming pool and spa. Expected to open in the winter of 2021, it will include 117 elegant and stylish rooms, including an indoor / outdoor pool with spa and fitness area, and access to Oregon State University Medical Center and University of Oregon Medical School. This new Portland, Oregon hotel will be the first of its kind to offer unique Japanese amenities, including spacious pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, outdoor showers, private balconies and even a stream.

Elements Westin Beaverton, which opens in November 2020, is a 107-room hotel focused on sustainability. We also take our commitment to the environment very seriously and try to refresh the unnecessarily wasted natural resources such as water, air and air conditioning.

Guests paying the weekly rate will be charged for their stay at check-in, but for stays longer than seven days they will have to pay a week in advance. Rooms are cleaned according to a common goal based on the number of nights spent.

For stays of seven days, guests pay for the entire stay, one week on the first day of the stay. If the stay is less than seven days, a tax of no more than $50 per month per pet will be charged at check-in. The monthly rate is $1,500 per week (no higher than $150 tax for pets) and $5,000 per night (payable on the first night). Month, $2,300 per year (does not exceed 50% tax on per-month pets).

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