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This roadside attraction has been a coveted slice of Americana for nearly a century, and Oregon is no exception. Not all are unique to the Oregon Coast and are left to the state - space for minor shows and curiosities, but not all. The park offers something almost anyone in the Wilsonville area can do, including exploring the Oregon Wine Route, spending a day there or taking a step back in time.

While most of the exhibits are inside, you can visit the Portland Children's Museum outside, but children can also have fun inside. Families can view a variety of exhibits to help them explore Oregon's themes and diversity through interactive objects and images.

The museum has launched Washington County Heritage Online, and the site provides access to over eight thousand images from the collection that focus on the county's history and people, culture, history and heritage. The museum also has a series with local authors who discuss their personal experiences with the cultural heritage and history of the region.

Founded in 1946 by Dorothea Lensch from Portland, the museum was originally known as the Junior Museum and Adventure House. After working at several Hillsboro locations during the collection's growth, it was founded in Portland in 1948. The goal was known as the Portland Children's Museum for several years before it moved to its current location. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, it was purchased and moved to a new location in downtown Portland. Since then, it has been purchased, renovated and reopened as a museum.

It's not exactly a cheerful attraction, but it's certainly a unique experience, and located at the end of the Barlow Trail, it welcomes new arrivals to Oregon and offers a much-needed rest stop and residence.

It is a complex of several hectares, which today houses 17 different museums and conservation societies, most of which are concerned with the transport industry. Located in the historic Belmont Fire Department, the museum houses a variety of exhibits on the city's history, as well as a collection of historical artifacts and artefacts. The Beaverton Historical Society maintains a number of museums, galleries and other historic sites in the city centre. It is located in a historic building just off Interstate 5, just north of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Access to the Portland Children's Museum depends on which direction you are coming from, but it is located just off Interstate 5, just north of downtown Portland, Oregon. It includes a variety of history lectures and other educational information offered by the Beaverton Historical Society, as well as a collection of historical artifacts and artefacts. The city park also contains a number of exhibits on the history of the city and its history as an industrial city.

Those coming to the museum from Hillsboro or Beaverton take Highway 26, which they follow eastbound, and take Exit 72, followed by an immediate left turn at the stop sign. Leave the motorway following the signs until you turn right onto SW Zoo Rd and then turn left onto Exit 72 and follow the sign left onto Exit 72.

If you drive to the museum from downtown Portland, follow Highway 405, then Highway 26 West toward Beaverton and follow it eastbound to Exit 72.

If you want to see more of Oregon, consider a walk on the wild side and explore the Museum of the Oregon Territory to take a closer look at the natives who lived there and the settlers who came after them. Learn more about what the pioneers did before their arrival and what you could head for on your next trip to the West.

With local monuments, museums and attractions, you can explore the history of Beaverton and its history, people and culture. This exhibition touches on the past, present and future of Oregon's history, and shows the lives of some of its residents from the perspective of one of Oregon's most famous and influential people.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers interactive exhibits that will delight young and old alike. A museum visit is always a treat, but if you're planning a visit to Portland's Children's Museum, you'd like to know how to get there and how much it costs. There's certainly something in Oregon that pleases everyone, and families can celebrate curiosity and be encouraged without breaking the bank. Learn more about Portland's history and many great museums in our guide to the Tualatin Oregon Museums.

There is no better place to see life on the Oregon Trail than the Tualatin Oregon Museum of Natural History. Tour the Pacific Northwest, where you will learn about the life cycle of forests in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Washington State.

With over 1,300 objects from 1937, the Museum of Contemporary Crafts presents the Pacific Northwest American Craft Movement. The Washington County Museum began in the late 19th century, when descendants of the Euro-American settlers began collecting artifacts from the U.S. Coast Guard and other historical sites in Tualatin. Unique in Oregon, this museum celebrates the history of the Cayuse, Umatilla and WallaWalla tribes in their lives. In order not only to collect historical objects, but also to preserve them and promote the art, science and culture of the Washington County, this historical society changed its name to the Washington COUNTY Museum.

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