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It's no secret that I have an affinity with America's Scenic Byways, and much of my recent travels have been international. It is nice to explore the USA, especially the Northwest, but maybe I will go west on my next trip to the West. There is nothing quite like the 60-mile Vineyard Valley route from Portland, Oregon, to the Oregon-Washington border in the middle of the Pacific Northwest.

Don't forget to load your bike or motorhome with a bike to enjoy the scenic views of the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. The many wildlife sighted along the trail, including deer, waterfowl and songbirds, are a great attraction for walkers, joggers and cyclists looking to enhance their experience. Regardless of who the visitor is, this path offers beautiful views of both the Oregon-Washington border and Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

One of the best places to plan a day trip when visiting Tualatin is for birds, hiking and fishing. If you love nature, there are many hiking trails and hiking trails in the area, as well as a variety of fishing spots.

There are many national parks nearby, but in the foothills of Cascade Mountain you will find camper vans. The park is located at the confluence of three rivers and offers visitors opportunities for hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing. The main trail is open to the public 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset, and the wildlife refuge is free of charge. If you find RV rentals in Tualatin, you will find that there are many national parks within reach.

Hikers who want to reach the viewing platform at the end of the 1.5 km long trail should remember that the return trip is a 2 km long hike. It is recommended to visit the refuge in the morning to have enough time for the hike and return to the parking lot shortly before noon. On the bike path there is a long ride for those who want a longer ride, but I set out to explore a 1.5 mile stretch from the main path of the park.

Although I am not a wine lover like so many of my fellow travelers, the breathtaking beauty of the vineyards and the landscape along the route cannot be denied. While we had heard about rainy Oregon and sad wildfires, we actually had sunny and warm weather. When I visited in January 2018, I expected to get wet, so I packed a rain jacket (which everyone visiting Oregon should bring) and a fleece to wear underneath.

I discovered the wonderfully homely Helvetia Tavern in Hillsboro and immediately felt at home as soon as I walked through the door. One of the newest is the Ridgewalker Brewing Company, and I'm not sure West Coast brewers love these hyped and savoury beers, but I'm almost always amazed at the milder lager and lager on tap. I enjoyed my stop at Waltz Brewing and loved the light, light, full-bodied beer with hints of citrus and citrus notes of hops and fruits, as well as the spicy, spicy and spicy doorman and the sweet, fruity Pilsner. Ridewalker has already built a strong fan base throughout the Tualatin Valley and in one of my favorite breweries in Oregon.

I like white wine especially with good food, and I especially like white wines that go well with food, like Pilsner and Lager.

We enjoyed the amazing Hood Strawberries introduced to us by Beth Dion Vineyard, and the treats from the farmers market provided great fuel. After dinner at the Helvetia Tavern we went back to our hotel where we spent a night with wine, beer and food in Portland, Oregon.

In Forest Grove we drove south and tried a Peruvian restaurant called Yellow Llama, and in Hillsboro we tried Syun Izikaya, a Japanese sake bar and grill. Although Zagat classified it as one of the best sake in the country, it offered neither high-quality food nor sake.

Owner Scottie Jones, who wrote about how he found the deal, runs private tours of his farm and we stayed on the farm. I know how to find deals and how to finance a trip creatively, because for 26,000 dollars we got our trip to Hawaii (virtually free) and our trips to Australia (208 dollars each).

Tualatin Valley is located in Washington County, voted Wine Region of the Year 2016 by wine enthusiasts for having some of Oregon's finest wines, beers and food at home, and preserving the Oregon spirit that makes it humble and accessible. The tourism brochure states that it is a destination full of "tourist-friendly restaurants, shops, hotels, restaurants and other attractions," making it an "Oregon must-visit" - a place to visit. The Tualatin Valley includes all or parts of three counties in Oregon, Washington, Columbia and Willamette counties. It is also home to Nike and has the second largest football stadium in the world, the Nike Training Center, with a capacity of 1.5 million.

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More About Tualatin